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As versatile as Antti Autti himself, the NXT AT dominates all environments. The re-designed symmetrical I-Flex provides more support without sacrificing freedom to tweak your tricks. The lightweight ventilated hiback, and forged-aluminum baseplate helps the world’s best riders stomp their landings -- you’ll be no exception.

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Mone back on deck!

After his Talus frakture last year during his trip to down under, Mone has been spotted in the snow again! This injury has knocked out Mone for too long already! Waiting to see you on the snowboard again! All action photos: Alex Roberts! Wanna know what Mone is doing besides bowl snowskating? chekc out :

Ben Kilner wins the Red Bull Home Run

Tailgate AK Post Number 2

After our first big blue break it started snowing again.

We made the most of the whiteout with some nice Tailgating...

Enjoying an Alaskan IPA and looking for blue.

Burgers with the fixin's.

After a few days of resetting the pow, the skies went blue again,
opening up the peaks that surround the Tailgate Alaska basecamp.

Tailgate AK Video

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Tailgate Alaska Kick Off

It finally went blue a few days ago, sending us into the hills from
dawn till dusk.

This is what it is all about. Wide open, few to no tracks and an
unlimited canvas. Here Dennis Nazari takes his Powder Surfer for a spin.